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We have been able to effectively impact growth and development through our initiatives
and these signature programs listed below in which we seek support:

The Chefs of the World 

Chefs of the World A Taste of Fame is a fundraising event which showcases exquisite creations by top chefs
of the world, recognizing them for their culinary accomplishments. 

Proceeds from this event will support scholarships for students pursuing degrees in Hospitality and Culinary Arts and for training /capacity building of alumni and students to ensure a healthy, employable workforce.

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Annual Alumni Hall of Fame Weekend

is the Hall of Fame’s vehicle that promotes the viability of our HBCUs, while at the same time provides a forum for students, faculty and staff, and alumni to sharpen their skills and increase their capabilities through workshops, seminars, programs and institutes. The conferees’ interaction with, and exposure to, the resources, talents and expertise of educators, scholars, theorists, researchers and practitioners equip and empower them to better serve their respective communities.  During the Weekend Conference, the following signature events take place:

The Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonyhighlights and honors deserving HBCU graduates for their distinguished service to their country, Alma Mater and excelling in their field of endeavor.  For more than 30 years, the Hall of Fame has celebrated inductees in the following fields: Arts & Entertainment, Athletics, Business and Industry, Community Service, Education, Faith and Theology, Government & Law, Medicine, Science and Lifetime Achievement.

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The Competition of Black College Queens

This program showcases young women from HBCUs with the coveted title of “Queen” of their institution.
The queens are judged in five categories. Miss National Black College Alumni Hall of Fameserves as a national representative and advocate of HBCUs and receives an academic scholarship and prizes.

The Positive Image Program enlighten to elementary, middle, and high school students on the viability of HBCUS a n option for higher learning. Participants of the Queens Competetion, education, community, and business leaders encourage self-esteem.

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The(NCAA-sanctioned) Black College Invitational Golf Tournament

This program takes place during the annual Hall of Fame Weekend and attracts the elite Division I and Division II HBCU golf teams.  The Hall of Fame awards scholarships to participating schools in support of their golf programs.

Call to Manhood & Call to Womanhood Symposium

This program advises young men and women, in separate sessions, on responsible behavior in a variety of areas and gives them the opportunity to share experiences in a private forum.

The Legacy Lecture Series

The impetus of the Legacy Lecture Series is to position students for leadership roles in society through education and mentoring. To this end, the Legacy Lecture Series is designed to equip and empower students to overcome the economic, social cultural and political challenges of today, and to re-shape the fabric of America as they step into tomorrow. The series is presented on various HBCU campuses throughout the academic year. 

The Andrew Young Emerging Leaders Institute

Leadership is an essential component of sustaining communities and improving the quality of life for cities, states, the nation and the world. In this regard, The NBCA Hall of Fame Foundation in partnership with the Andrew J. Young Foundation, launched the Andrew Young Emerging Leaders Institute (AYEL). The AYEL is designed to assist students at HBCUs, as well as high school students, in developing and/or honing their leadership skills with emphasis on understanding some of the entrepreneurial, social, technological, economic and political trends and the impact that these likely to occur over the next 20 years and the impact that these trends and events may have on their lives.

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Thomas W. Dortch, Jr. Birthday Bash

Chairman of the Board, Thomas W. Dortch, Jr., hosts this annual event which affords HBCU alumni, alumni associations and other stakeholders to come together in a social setting to rededicate their commitment and support to their alma mater.
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